About Osaka lacquerware

Osaka Lacquerware is a company that supports food culture.

The tableware necessary for eating is also a tool that makes life richer and more enjoyable.

We provide not only safety and security, but also exciting services by looking at and touching the vessels.


June 1903 Started business as a secondhand store under the name of Fujita Shoten.

August 1952 Changed name to Osaka Lacquerware Specialty Store.

June 1964 Company name changed to Osaka Lacquerware Co., Ltd. Capital 5 million yen.

February 1966 Opened at Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store.

March 1980 Capital increased to 22 million yen.

June 2005 Store renovation.

October 2010 Opened an online store.

August 2018 Established Facebook and Instagram accounts.

August 2020 Renovated the online store.